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From a little girl I always wanted to help others but I never knew exactly how it would materialize, but over the years it became apparent that it was going to be any shape or form I could. There was never one particular group, organization, rescue - I just knew I needed and wanted to help others. Our Dad raised some good caring girls.  When I came to America, dog rescue became a big part of mine and my husbands life; Bella & Bone was born out of the desire to help the dogs, we knew we could sell products that we made to help benefit the dogs. We are very grateful that we are able to keep helping others, not just the the rescue groups, but also groups like the Lovin' Soap Project and we are always looking for new ways to help others. 

Back in 2013 my work colleague, who because one of my great friends and inspirations went off to Haiti with her partner and now husband to work with the ladies of Haiti. She asked me to go with her as part of their team ;but having a young daughter and a traveling husband, I was unable to go. One of my great regrets in life. So the next best thing that I knew I could do was to donate to their cause and help share their story. This charity is very close to my heart, their work is tireless, helping women around the world to be self sufficient and helping them step out the poverty they were in. They help create a better life for not just the women they teach, but in turn they help their families and their whole village. We are so thankful that we are able to be sustainable donors to another amazing cause.  Please take the time to check them out, its so rewarding. Learn More
We are so proud to start of this years fundraiser for Whispering Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary. This is an amazing rescue that allows senior dogs to live out their lives without the fear of being throw away. We used our signature product - Bella Boo Balm (organic paw & nose balm) to create a social media fundraiser...working closely with the Rescue, our goal was to donate 40% of each sale to help with the cost of running their rescue. We are planning a road trip in the summer to say hello to all the pups we helped. We also can't wait to meet Valerie and the team. I hope this friendship lasts a long time. Learn More
I was first introduced to TIRR over 10 years ago when my friend was on the board. But I was physically introduced to Ridgebacks about 13 years ago...nothing like being met at the door of a home by three rather large Ridgies, the rest is history. I was hooked, there was never a doubt in my mind that Bella & Bone would not become sustainable donors to their cause. The TIRR sanctuary is located in Paradise, Texas - this place is the kind of place the most rescue's dream of. Everyone should at least once try and visit this place, if not more. Learn More

My love for this group started some years back when I met the lead lady Missy Redding...not only fun, but has a serious rescue head on her shoulders. She works tirelessly for everything dogs. She also finds the time to run The Pet Divas, and is just an all round caring person that I am proud to now call a friend.  She has an amazing team that works hard to save the dogs and find great homes for them. If your ever looking for a rescue to support, this is another great group to donate to or volunteer for. Bella & Bone are proud to be sustainable donors to this rescue. 
BullLuvAblePaws & Chi's...
Saving doggie lives, one by one, until there are none left to save. They believe education of the people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (and everywhere else in the country) needs to happen first. Learn More