#DogsofTheGambia, West Africa

The Dogs of Gambia #thetravelingbalm


I took some Bella Boo Balm with me, on one of my most recent trips back to West Africa. I spend a lot of time in the tiny country of The Gambia and, the house that we take care of, whenever we are there comes with an assorted pack of beach dogs.

Last count, there was 5 - sometimes more, sometimes less - who come regularly to hang out at the #9 house with us, where they get well-fed, get some peaceful sleep (boy, those dogs can sleep for Africa! But, imagine spending 99% of your time living on the beach, or on the streets, and not being treated very well at all - kicked, stones thrown at you… you get the picture) but, most of all, they come for some lovin', and me and my husband, Jason, have tons of it to give them - all!

However, I think that after this last visit, they might have spread the word in their doggy neighbourhood (there are dozens of strays, living on the surrounding streets and the nearby beach) about Bella Boo Balm i.e. how gooooood it feels on their well-trodden paws, and dry noses. The West African sun is blistering! Word on the Gambian streets - Bella Boo Balm is at #9! I think we may well have some new additions to the pack of 5 next time we visit!

Featured image: two of the #9 regulars, who somehow miraculously appear almost as soon as we arrive - regardless of the fact that they may not have been around the house for weeks at a time - 'Wolf' and 'Kalu', on monkey watch, on the back porch, and Bella Boo Balm-watch - 'this is ours, so get your paws off!’ 


- Helen Jones-Florio

Photography Producer/Videographer

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